JGAurora, GPL & Open Source

UPDATE: As of 16-4-18, JGAurora has released the Marlin source code to the A3S and A5 publicly here!

While there are other products that they sell that they have not yet disclosed (Z-603S, A8 etc), this is a very welcome first step. We hope that other 3D printer manufacturers can observe the professional behaviour of JGAurora, and we continue to encourage JGAurora to release the source code to all marlin-based printers.

Almost all of the JGAurora printers use the Open Source Marlin 3D printer firmware at their core, which is licensed using the GPL - the β€œGeneral Public License”. In a nutshell, the GPL means that anyone can use the software for FREE β€” but, if a company wants to use GPL software in their product, for the part of their product that uses this software, they must provide the source code, including their modifications. JGAurora printers would not be possible without the Marlin Firmware!

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