About the JGAurora Wiki

This wiki was started by myself โ€“ Samuel Pinches (Hi!). I was frustrated with trying to help many JGAurora customers with the same problems again and again, so I decided to make this wiki to capture and document the advice that both myself and others had been giving out. I hope that others will find it useful, and you're more than welcome to sign up and contribute!

JGAurora makes pretty good printers, but they cut corners again and again, which causes a lot more frustration for customers like us. JGAurora has not paid me to make this wiki, nor should they - I shouldn't have had to make this in the first place! Instead, JGAurora should focus on making BETTER products with BETTER documentation and BETTER support. If they don't, then in time another company will beat them in the global market, probably sooner than they expect.

You can find me at many places. If you wish to contact me directly, please send me a message via my contact form on my website, and will try to reply promptly.

I'm now working on expanding this wiki to the Creality 3D printer family, with the Creality 3D Printer Wiki

If you are ever visiting Melbourne, Australia, let me know and I'll shout you a coffee. ;-)

I'd also like to say a big thanks to a number of people for making significant contributions to the wiki content and to the JGAurora community over time:

  • Andreas (AETEK / AEKET)
  • Dan (red_m)
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