Unreleased & Unannounced Models

JGAurora provide a software called JGCreat with their printers. As far as can be seen, it appears to just be a rebranded version of Cura, although they claim it has better printing quality than Cura. Along with JGCreat, it includes machine configuration files for many of the JGAurora printers. However, there are many printers in there that JGAurora has not announced. The details of these printers are listed below. Whether or not JGAurora release these printers remains to be seen!

JGAurora Q-1

Build volume: 120w x 120d x 90h

JGAurora A-5X

Build volume: 335w x 335d x 385h

JGAurora A-5S


JGAurora A-6

Build volume: 280w x 180d x 180h

JGAurora E-8

Build volume: 355w x 255d x 300h

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