A5 & A3S MKS-TFT28 LCD firmware

The A5 and A3S printers have separate main motherboard and LCD modules, and each has their own separate firmware. The firmware on the LCD module can be upgraded quite easily. The firmware files must be placed on an SD card, which must be inserted into the hidden slot inside the printer, located on the back side of the LCD module. When the LCD is powered up, it will begin the firmware update automatically.

JGAurora do not supply any source code for the LCD module, as they are using a proprietary 3rd party product LCD module made by MakerBase (MKS-TFT28 v1.3). However, the firmware configuration is set by a text file, making it easy to change some of the settings. However, the raw unconfigured LCD firmware is available from the LCD module manufacturer “MakerBase” at Github.

The custom community LCD firmware is the same as the original JGAurora LCD firmware, with some changes to the configuration. These changes add the “babystepping” control feature to the LCD module - for more infomation on this feature see this article on babystepping with the A5. Please note, this feature requires that you have upgraded the main motherboard firmware to the community firmware. Thanks to Karl Johnson for the hard work adding baby stepping and other features to the LCD firmware configuration.

Download LCD Firmware



Official Factory LCD Firmware: A3S

Custom Community LCD Firmware:

How to Flash

The process for upgrading the firmware on the MKS LCD module (MKS-TFT28 v1.3):

  1. Copy the firmware files to the root directory on an SD card. This should include the firmware “.bin” file, the folder of icon “bmp_XXX.bin” files, and the configuration “.txt” file.
  2. Turn the printer off
  3. Insert the SD Card into the hidden slot inside the printer, on the back side of the LCD module. You may have to unplug the USB cable that goes to the screen in order to access it.
  4. Turn the printer on
  5. The firmware update will start automatically.
  6. Once the firmware update is complete, the printer will start.
  7. Turn the printer off
  8. Remove the SD card
  9. The files on the SD card will have been renamed, so if you leave the SD card inside and turn the printer on, it will not flash a second time.
  10. Dont forget to plug the internal USB cable in again, if you disconnected it.
  11. After flashing, the LCD may be set to look for files on the SD card only. You need to use the settings menu in the LCD to change this back to USB, otherwise your printer will not see any files when you plug in your USB!


  • If you performed the flash and now the MKS LCD is only flashing “BOOTING” and beeping repeatedly - try flashing again with a different SD card.
  • If you only see white squares on the LCD, see this page.
  • If you plug in a USB and you don't see any files, check the LCD settings page. There is an option for the LCD to look for files on SD card or on USB sticks. Also check you have plugged in the internal USB cable!

Further Info on MKS-TFT28 LCD module

The following links may be helpful to people interested in making their own changes to the functions and icons of the LCD module.

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