Restoring back to Official Factory OEM Firmware

If you want to, you can restore your firmware back to the stock factory firmware at any time. Previously, JGAurora only supplied their firmware as HEX files, but they released the source code for their latest version in April 2018. You can download these files for your model below:

You can flash this firmware using the Cura or JGCreat software. However, but I suggest using the XLoader software on PC, or HexUploader software on a Mac. You may want to watch my video of how to install firmware via hex files here.

Change Log (from A5 firmware)

By examining the JGAurora firmware files, the following major changes were observed:

17th Nov 2017

  • First firmware release

18th Dec 2017

  • Fixed extruder calibration (96 steps/mm)

18th Jan 2018

  • Updated marlin base version to 1.1.6
  • Increased Acceleration (1000mm/s2)
  • Enabled EEPROM
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